When To Use A Power Drill Or A Power Driver

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When we use power tools driving screws we need to know when to use a drill and when to use a driver.

These power tools have the same general function but have different uses in different situations.  The driver is used when a person is screwing into very hard and the screws are long and bigger in diameter.  And the drill needs to be used where you have more precise screwing to do.

The driver is made for bigger jobs that require more power.  When driving three inch screws into four by four post for an example.  The driver has the power and hammering action to drive the screws into the wood with more force.

On the other hand the adjustable drill has an adjustment dial where you can use less force as to not over sink the screws.  You will adjust it so the screws done sink too much into the outside material and defeat the purpose of using the screws.

We must choose the correct tool for the job at hand.  So when choosing which power tool to use for what job is very important and can cause the end product good or not so good.